2017 129th Annual Exhibition Guest Painter



Adrian Wiszniewski - The Ploughmans Poet

Ploughman Poet Oil on canvas, 152cm x 122cm, 2012


Adrian Wiszniewski RSA HonFRIAS HRSW (b.1958 in Glasgow) initially studied at the Mackintosh School of Architecture before completing a Degree in Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art in 1983. He is a leading figure of the 1980's group of artists who brought about the resurgence of imaginative, figurative painting, influenced by Sandy Moffat OBE RSA, artist and lecturer at Glasgow School of Art. Others in the group included Ken Currie, Steven Campbell and Peter Howson and collectively they became known as the 'New Glasgow Boys'. Wiszniewski's paintings frequently represent pensive, wistful figures set in ideal pastoral paradises, often large in scale, using vivid colours and employing different paint media. The work is influenced by the artist's numerous interests including poetry and the writings of Robert Burns, such as in the featured 'Ploughman Poet'. Adrian's recent residency at ART PARK Glasgow (House for an Art Lover) showcased a series of landscape paintings that resulted from a travel grant to New Zealand and explored the contrasts and similarities with Scotland as well as issues of identity and space.

An acclaimed contemporary Scottish painter and printmaker, his interest in architecture and design has led him to a range of projects and collaborations including speculative outdoor architecture, poetry, writing plays and fashion design. He can be considered a polymath of this artistic age much like his contemporary John Byrne.

Wiszniewski has had solo shows across Europe, Australia and Japan. His paintings are held in collections including: Gallery of Modern Art, New York; Metropolitan Museum, New York; Setagaya Museum, Tokyo; Scottish NationalGallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow; Tate Britain, London; Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Wisniewski won the Haldane Trust Award (1982), the David Cargill Scholarship (1983), the Mark Rothko Memorial Award (1984), the I.C.C.F. Best Design Award New York (1993) and the Lord Provost Gold Medal of the City of Glasgow (1999).